About The Photographer ~ Denise :)

So here is where I tell you a little about myself... As a wife and mom, my family is the center of my universe. As a red headed freckle faced girl, I love chocolate, sleeping to the sound of rain and my faithful dog, Molly. These simple things in life are what inspire me as a photographer. I love capturing love, milestones and the little moments that compose memories; big and small. 

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About The Photography Style

About The Gear

Onsite photography allows you to incorporate a location that expresses your personality or we can choose a site that is just a fun place to shoot photos. It also gives a more personalized impression in your photos. I can help you choose a location that helps reflect your vision. You will get a variety of images as I shoot traditional portraits, candid moments and images with artistic flare. 

I shoot with professional Canon cameras and lenses. At shoots, I dress professionally and having  comfortable shoes is a must. I love to have cute gear when at all possible - a girl's gotta fit in style where she can, right?!  Some of my favorite brands include: Kelly Moore Camera Bags, Epiphanie Camera Bags, Camera Straps Made With Love, and of Course, Canon. When kids are in the shoot, you will find special treats and prizes in my bag too!

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